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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Orient brings you the biggest sale

Orient introduces the biggest sale of the season, as it is giving a 20% discount on their major collections of Spring/Summer season edition 1, 2, and 3 and on the whole digital collection. Orient textile is a renowned name of the clothing industry, this seasonal discount on the collections show that Orient is catering the need of each and every woman of the country as this amazing discount is making the dresses more affordable for the modern women.

With the introduction of discount Orient has also introduced the new Festival Premium Collection making Orient Textiles the most wanted collection of the season among all. All the Pakistani dresses which are discounted and which are introduced newly are amazingly designed to make it the most eccentric clothing company in the industry.

 The traditional dresses of the collection are a treat for the modern women as they can have dresses for every occasion.

 From casual kurtis to the amazing digital prints, Orient has covered each and every genre of dresses to be worn whether on a daily basis or on the formal events making it the most hip collection of the Spring/Summer Season.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Orient Introduces the New Digital Collection 2014

Orient Textile introduces its new and latest digital collection 2014. It is the most unique and fashionable collection of all time from the Orient. The amazing texture, designs and abstract prints of this collection has made it a treat for the contemporary women.
Digital prints were previously introduced by Orient Textiles only in Kurtis but with the success of the Digital Kurti Collection and demands of women to have such fashionable and trendy prints in the full dress has lead them to introduce the full fledge separate collection of the digitally printed dresses.

Orient has got a knack of designing some very stylish and trendy dresses, and they had carried this image in this collection also as they have printed some very exclusive designs merging the floral ad abstract prints. Orient has used the best fabric to print the designs as the digital prints are quite sensitive to the washes, but Orient has guaranteed the customers that these dresses have long lasting prints and the colors will not fade away even after several washes.

Orient beautifully merges the embroidered patterns in the digital prints for giving these dresses a formal look. The beautiful summer abstracts combining different shades give a soothing effect to the eyes and looks cool in the hot weather of Pakistan. All the dresses in this collection have got a chiffon dupatta and  panels for giving it a formal look.

Orient Textiles’ this new collection is targeted to modern women who love to be elegantly styled in the parties and formal events and with this collection Orient has made it sure that women of today look more classy and sophisticated wherever they wear it. This collection is deemed to be the perfect mix of style, class, sophistication and fashion and a must have for today’s women. 

Orient’s 3rd Edition Of Spring/Summer Collection Is Out In Stores Now

Orient has released its 3rd edition of their Spring/Summer Collection. As summer is the longest season in Pakistan, Orient has switched their focus towards designing the lawn chiffon collection rather than the highly formal collection of chiffon georgette. In this new collection, they have worked with more colorful dresses rather than going for the white and gray shades. Orient Textiles’ new dresses include more of the pinks, reds, orange and green shades. These colorful shades are used for the attraction of the women as they prefer formal, colorful and stylish dressing whether it is summer or any other season.

Orient Textiles have merged the soothing shades, perfect geometric and floral designs and some very classy embroidery patterns on the neck and front panels, giving the dresses a more formal look.

The fabric used in the designing of the dresses is the best one as women today are also focused on the quality of the cloth used in the design. Orient has catered the need of every woman of Pakistan in this new collection, Orient has not only introduced the three piece dress, but also the casual and embroidered Kurtis for the day to day wear.

Orient Textiles are known for the design and style, this summer they have changed the look of the Kurtis, as they have introduced the new stitching styles of the Kurtis. Both formal and casual styles of the Kurtis are unique.

Orient’s designer dresses are a perfect mix of style and fashion, making it the most wanted collection of the season. Orient’s 3rd edition is certainly a must have for the wardrobe of modern women as they have used beautiful hues and shades which look cool in this hot weather.

So just grab your favorite Orient dresses before they run out of stock and make a different style statement this summer. 

Monday, 7 April 2014

Most Eccentric 2nd Edition of Spring/Summer Collection

Orient Textiles have launched their second edition of the season, giving women most elegant and decent designs. Summer remains in Pakistan for most of the year, and the major preference of both men and women is to wear some soothing dresses which are relaxing in this hot weather. With the passage of time and awareness, women have become highly focused on their dressing and comfort, Orient has made it sure that the dresses from their collection fulfill the need of women in every way. From fabric to the designs, each and every detail of the dress has made the collection a must have for your wardrobe.

The elegant embroidery collection is comprised of formal dresses for your corporate events and formal gatherings.
 Using stylish summer shades, orient has made it the most fashionable collection of all time.

The classic collection is stylish yet simple printed collection, which has got some beautiful dresses to be worn as semi-formal wear or a casual wear. The perfect floral and geometric prints give it the most mesmerizing elegant collection among all the collection.

Women today want more casual dresses to wear in the daily use than for the formal ones, due to this reason, orient has designed the Kurti Collection, making them the trendiest casual dresses of all time. 

Fashionable digital and Embroidered Kurtis are also a part of the Spring/Summer Collection 2nd edition dressing the women with most unique dresses in the apparel industry. 

Orient Textiles has given a touch of both style and elegance to the collection, which is a major attraction for women. The fabric used in the dresses whether stitched or unstitched is of high quality, giving women a relaxed feeling and a soothing effect. So grab your favorite dresses from Orient’s Spring/SummerCollection now and have the trendiest look this summer.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Orient’s 2nd Edition of Spring/Summer Collection are Available in Stores now

Orient Textile has launched its most awaited Spring/Summer Collection recently. And after a very short interval of time, they have introduced the 2nd Edition of the Spring/ Summer Collection.

As it is said by Oscar De La Renta, Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself, Orient has kept their focus towards styling the women of today where they can be themselves in the most comfortable outfits which are fashionable and trendy at the same time.

Orient’s 2nd Edition seems to be the outclass mix of fashion and style, making it a definite choice of modern women.Orient has divided its collection into the Embroidery Collection, Classic Collection, Kurti Collection, Digital Kurti Collection and Embroidery Kurti Collection.

The same categorizing was introduced in the first edition of the collection. All the categories of the collection are comprised of the most interesting and mesmerizing designs which is a must have for your wardrobe.

Embroidery Collection has the formal dresses for women giving the look and feel of the modern dressing style. Classic Collection is designed to dress up women of today's semi formal. Having the most appealing designs and prints, Kurti Collection, Digital Kurti Collection and Embroidery Kurti Collection make you look stylish and casual with the comfort of the best clothing fabric.

Orient Textile has certainly given out the best designs of this summer which are easily available for the purchase. Just hit on your favorite dresses on website and visit your clothing stores nearby to have the must have dresses of all time at affordable prices. Orient styles you up in a way no one else can. 

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